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Visit to the Porsche Museum Stuttgart 2009

Pictures from our visit to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart 2009.

In 2009 we visited the new Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.
What´s so special about this Museum is that Porsche calls it the “rolling Museum”. Nearly all cars you see in the Museum are not static. They are used for many historic races / rallyes / events and are ready to drive. Because of this it´s possible that you see some empty places in the Museum, because the car is currently racing somewhere :-)

It´s also great that there are no barriers and you can examine the cars as close as you want. The downside to this is that some people do not have respect and touch all what they can see, scratch the paint with their bags and even use spoilers as a holding for their umbrella (as you can see in the 962 pictures). That´s really sad. If Porsche decides to put barriers around the cars say thank you to all the morongs without a sense of decency.


Fantastic pictures, definately a place on my “To Visit” list.

BlueFlame | May 10, 08:56 PM | #

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