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PocketLFS Public Test Version

So, finally it is here… a Public Test Version of PocketLFS…

Please read the included Readme.txt. It should answer some Questions and helps you get it running.
If you have Problems, please drop me a Line. This is at a very early Stage and it might have many Bugs. So don´t be harsh if it doesn´t work as it should ;-)

PocketLFS Version Test Version.

  • Downloads: 574
  • Size: [23.54kB]

Version History:

Changes 28th June 2007 (v0.0.0.4):

  • Fixed a Bug which cause PocketLFS to crash when driving some of the Turbo Powered Cars. The Turbo Gauge had a Bug which caused PocketLFS to crash when a high Boost Value was reached.
  • Added a simple Shiftlight. It turns the Background of the Gear Indicator into Red. Will make this Configurable in the Future maybe.

Changes 24th June 2007 (v0.0.0.3):

  • (Hopefully) fixed the Bug that caused PocketLFS to crash when starting, stopping and starting the Connection again.
  • Moved the Stop / Start Functions to the Menu because I need Space on the Screen to implement Tabs
  • Added Tabs to have more Space for new Functions ;-)
  • Added a very simple Log to see what´s going on. Mainly for Debugging Purposes for myself.

Changes 23rd June 2007:

  • Added an Exit Function. You can now set PocketLFS in Background (Windows Mobile Standard Behaviour) when Pressing the ‘X’ Button in the Top Right Corner. Or you can use the Exit Function in the Menu to close the Application completely.
  • Created a Installer CAB File to install the Application on a PocketPC instead of copying the .exe and creating a Folder manually.

Changes 21st of June 2007 (v0.0.0.2):

  • Added the About Form just to be sure that Complains don´t go to the Developers of Live for Speed ;-)
  • Fixed some Bugs in the Code which caused Problems when connecting to Live for Speed and a Password was set.
  • Tested with Windows Mobile 2003 German / English and Windows Mobile 5.0 German, English and Russian.

Changes 11th of June 2007:

  • Fixed Bug: When overreving the Engine the Application hang.

Changes 10th of June 2007:

  • Added a Function which sets the Min / Max Values of the Rev Bar correctly
  • Added Boost Gauge Bar
  • Added a Detection Routine for Screen Resolution (VGA / QVGA) and Screen Orientation (Landscape / Portrait)
  • Added Icons for VGA and QVGA PDAs
  • Fixed some Connection Bugs and cleaned up the Code

Changes so far:

  • Compatible with LFS Patch X
  • Shows Outgauge Data
  • Has a Configuration Dialoge with Load / Save Functions (saves a XML File).


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