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Progress: PocketLFS Application

Here is a small Preview of my Pocket PC Application for LFS :-) (Updated on 21st June 2007)

Since so much changed in the new Patch X for Live for Speed I had to rewrite many Parts of my PocketLFS Application. Today I am at the same Stage as I was 4 weeks ago. So it´s working again. It has a few Bugs and is missing many Features I wanted to implement. But in it´s current state at least I can show that the Basics work :-)

Changes 21st of June 2007:

  • Added the About Form just to be sure that Complains don´t go to the Developers of Live for Speed ;-)
  • Fixed some Bugs in the Code which caused Problems when connecting to Live for Speed and a Password was set.
  • Tested with Windows Mobile 2003 German / English and Windows Mobile 5.0 German, English and Russian.

Changes 11th of June 2007:

  • Fixed Bug: When overreving the Engine the Application hang.

Changes 10th of June 2007:

  • Added a Function which sets the Min / Max Values of the Rev Bar correctly
  • Added Boost Gauge Bar
  • Added a Detection Routine for Screen Resolution (VGA / QVGA) and Screen Orientation (Landscape / Portrait)
  • Added Icons for VGA and QVGA PDAs
  • Fixed some Connection Bugs and cleaned up the Code

Changes so far:

  • Compatible with LFS Patch X
  • Shows Outgauge Data
  • Has a Configuration Dialoge with Load / Save Functions (saves a XML File).

And here are some Pictures:


TOP, congratulation for your idea. GREAT

Yaonnis | Jun 26, 11:41 AM | #

Very nice!

Johan | Jul 15, 05:29 PM | #

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